• Who are we?

    We introduce ourselves

Who are we?

Christ introduces itself

International sales and service subsidiaries, independent production subsidiaries and service companies are combined in the corporate network of the Christ Group. Behind our group of companies are people with innovative ideas and a strong enthusiasm for the products.

Christ corporate policy

Our corporate policy on health, safety, quality, environmental protection and energy management

Everyone who works for us is responsible for a successful implementation of the company policy. A good performance in these areas is a decisive prerequisite for the success of our company. 

Our aims can be formulated clearly and simply: no accidents, no damage to people and property, highest quality awareness, no impairment of the environment and the continuous reduction of energy consumption and the associated CO2 emissions.


To this end we have committed ourselves:

  • to create safe and healthy working conditions.
  • to eliminate accidents and environmental incidents.
  • to reduce waste, sewage and emissions from our plants.
  • to continuously measure and monitor the energy consumption, energy use and energy efficiency of our processes and activities in order to plan and implement energy-saving measures.
  • to produce quality products that can be used by our customers without risk.
  • to regularly assess the security risks we face and ensure that they are professionally managed.
  • to consult with our customers, neighbours and public interest groups, to listen to them and respond openly to their concerns.
  • to set goals and to provide detailed information on our performances.
  • to provide the necessary resources and information to achieve our operational and strategic goals.
  • to work together with our employees, partners, suppliers, competitors and legislative authorities to improve our goals.
  • to honour those who help us to improve our corporate goals.


With this self-commitment, we commit ourselves to comply with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate.


Company history

  • 1879 | Foundation

    In 1879 Anton Christ founded a handicraft business in Memmingen. Christ initially produced grain sieves, wire mesh and church grids.

  • 1963 | Car wash

    Franz Christ builds the first car wash next to his parents' business in Dickenreiserweg. This was followed by an one-off production which formed the basis of the current production. The first wash tunnel is produced in 1968. The increase in motorization means that demand is increasing more and more.

  • 1996 | Otto Christ AG

    Change of name Otto Christ AG and foundation of the subsidiary Christ Electronic Systems GmbH. Together they combine over 125 years of tradition in mechanical engineering and electronics with the dynamics of an innovative company.

  • 1997 | Christ Packing Systems

    Foundation of the subsidiary Christ Packing Systems GmbH & Co. KG by taking over the Pietruska company (manufacturer of primary, secondary and special packaging systems) in Memmingen which existed since 1950.

  • 2000 | SVG Superwash

    Acquisition of the shares of SVG Superwash Waschanlagen GmbH.

  • 2001 | Christ Electronic Systems

    The subsidiary Christ Electronic Systems moves into the new company building at Alpenstrasse 34 in Memmingen, Germany.

  • 2007

    Skinetta Pac-Systems

    2007 | Skinetta Pac-Systems

    Takeover of the final packaging specialist Skinetta Pac-Systems and relocation of the company headquarters to Ottobeuren, Germany.

  • 2013 | Extension of the office building

    After a construction period of about one year, the existing office building was extended by an office space of 1,850 m². There are also 25 parking spaces in the underground car park. 

  • 2015 | Christ Akademie / Christ CAR CARE

    Foundation of the subsidiary Christ Akademie Aus- und Weiterbildungs-GmbH and the expansion of Christ CAR CARE. The storage area at the Christ CAR CARE plant will be more than doubled to meet the increased requirements of the future.

  • 2017 | Expansion of production

    Expansion of the production areas for Christ Packing Systems was necessary. The original production and assembly area was no longer sufficient for the pending and future projects. As a result, it was decided to relocate production to a new hall and to expand installation with the original production area.

  • Logistics centre

    2020 | Logistics centre

    Planned construction measures for the new logistics centre of the parent company Otto Christ AG.

International success

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