Application tips

Are you wondering which is better - online portal or a printed application?

The answer is easy. Online applications are cheaper, more modern and they can always be used digitally.
You can apply directly via our online portal at

Put together all the important data and facts about yourself, your career and your qualifications. You can find useful links on the subject of "merging into a PDF file" on Google. The maximum file size for upload is 8 MB.

Storage of the application documents

If we cannot offer you employment, we will keep the data you have provided in order to answer questions in connection with your application.

Inclusion in the applicant pool

If your application documents are generally of interest and there is simply no suitable job available at the moment, you hereby give us your consent to include your data in our applicant pool and save it. If we have suitable vacancies according to your profile, we will be happy to access your data and get in touch with you.

Here are a few tips on how to design the application portfolio:

1. Visual appearance 

The appearance of the application should be appropriate.

2. First impression

A cover sheet for applications including your career aspirations and contact details is always appreciated. If you want to attach an application photo please choose one with good quality.

3. Letter

In your letter of application we are pleased to find out why you have chosen the company Christ as your employer. You can find arguments on the web page "Who are we". Please apply with details of your desired salary and your possible starting date. 

4. CV

The curriculum vitae should be in tabular form and complete. Since we are interested in you, previous work experience, hobbies, internships and part-time jobs are always worth mentioning.

5. Annex

As a proof of your academic success and professional experience please attach your diploma and if available job references.

After your application you will receive a confirmation of receipt. We always try to give you feedback after a short time on the process of your application.

For the interview to which we hope you will be invited, you will find a few tips below

1. Time

Always be punctual.

2. Preparation

Prepare yourself well for the job interview.

3. Argumentation

Think about why you are suitable for this particular job and why we should choose you as our valuable employee.

4. Show interest

Find out more about us and the Christ Group.

5. Personal details

Tell us who you are.

Do you have any questions? You are welcome to contact us at any time.

 +49 8331 857-0
Fax: +49 8331 857-185



We look forward to seeing you!